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Dessert Roz is a celebration of desserts & mithai
from across South Asia.

Desi desserts are often overlooked or under-appreciated; unkindly shoved out of the spotlight by the more widely recognized and commonly extolled splendours of South Asian food.

And we can see why that may be. Perhaps they may not always delight the eyes as much as they do the mouth. Or maybe the food is just so damn good that it's rare to have enthusiasm left over for dessert.

However, we at Dessert Roz are firm believers in the fact that:

There’s always
room for
something sweet.

So, we've decided to glorify some delectable desserts by creating luscious illustrations and compiling tasty images and information about each one.

Of course, this is no way an excuse to carry out “research” in the form of consuming copious amounts of delicious sweet things.

But we’ll do what we have to.

Dessert Roz is a celebration of desserts, mithai, and all types of delightfully sweet concoctions and confections from across 🇮🇳🇵🇰 SOUTH ASIA 🇱🇰🇧🇩.

Words & Research

Manaal Oomerbhoy

Graphics & Design

Kasturi Singh

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